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Monday, May 17, 2010


dear camy,

yeah, i admit that i was wrong.

but why u keep blame on me??...

u know that u wrong to...

but,npe u cakap yg i desprate sgt??

hey! i ade maruah tau..

npe u ckap yang i desprate??

n then u're selfish..u just think about ur self..

n u don't think mine..

ble aq tgok blog ko..mcm aq je wat salah tu sume..

ade ko pkir yg ko bwat salh byk gak?


what u think i ni jantan jiwang karat yang suke bermadah ke?!

klu dah tau yg i ckp 'klu u nak i pon nk la' yg gatal g accept watpe?!

u hate that words right?!than u post in ur blog u said "klu nk ambik,klu x nak buang"..

what the ...?!!

than u say in ur blog 'Jgn ingat prmpuan ni sampah !,I still have dignity okaayy'

than, why u don't think that i still have dignity too?!

that's why i pon marah kat u and i call u SELFISH..

ikut suke la i nak desprate ke xnk..

sukesuki u je ckp i desprate n whateva la..

its okay la!

think ur own..

think that u were good enough..

don't care la u nk sket hati ke ape..

but, all this is my opinion..

yg dah blalu dah..

put it away from ur brain..

just forget me..

anggap aku dah mati kat dunie ni..

that's all 4 today..

malas nak tulis pnjg menjela...

lagi teruk krg jadi..

sorry for saying this

goodbye for u camy..

sincere from heart.
aquemar :(..

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