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Friday, December 31, 2010

THE 31 OF DECEMBER 2010 . ( the last post on 2010 )


:) well hello there (:

okay, hmm. lets start with take a deep breath. haaaaaah ! so peaceful 
and lovely early morning , well, im here to tell you my 2010 journey,


well. its been so many SWEET memories. and what else for imperfect
human being, also the the BAD memories. so. its already 1.20 in the morning,
and i have'nt sleep yet, think twice, i have mood to blogging,
okay lets start with the chosen one on the month.. 

start with :

MAY 2010, 

on May 17,
the first post that ive made.its for my ex actually, and in that case, mean the colourful text, new in blogger, also, not good at all in blogger, like a kids 4-5 years old artwork is it?
( click here ) for the more info, that post is my dillema. mean the ''BAD MEMORIES'' 

JUNE 2010.
ive only have 2 post, but ive to choose one.

on JUNE 15,
once again a child artworks, the post for my birthday, truly in dillema that time,
( click here ) for more info. okay lets move on to.. 

JULY 2010,
yeah. once again. not much in blogger, so i just have 2 post for this month.
and i choose..

on JULY 31,
at this time. ive start to love using blogger. entry for this post is about my journey with
my damm best friend hanging out at sunway pyramid and watching the MTV worldstage!
freaking awesomeeeeee ! and this is my one " SWEET MEMORIES " .
( click here ) for more info. 

AUGUST 2010,
okay. damm ! none of the post in august i hate, and the one that especially i love is.
about the countdown of raya !

on AUGUST 27,
( click here ) for more info. * maybe the words is a lil bit kind of child thing. cause at 'this' time.
im not mature enough. haha. full of shame 

okay. for this month. it is full of memories about the preparation for raya ! 
so.. haha. xd choice . 


okay. for the dillema, " BAD MEMORIES " i choose this post , ( click here )
its remind me how mad am i at that time, and make me feels to be more professional on 2010. 
*okay, budget mature. haha..

on OCTOBER 10,
okay. this is not dillema, this is my sweet memories, the wedding of my idol, DR SHEIKH !


on November ive got 17 post. and the chosen one is..
of course la on..

haha. i meet BUNKFACE ! what a good memories,, ( click here ) to watch it (:


on December, ive only got 3 post, the chosen one is..

THE SWEET REVENGE OF a EX LOVER ! is truly a dillema.. and i hate it. 

hah, you see, its have been so many good memories, and also so many BAD memories,
but anyway, life must go on ! may next year been more better from this year !
okay. thats all for todayhh. this 31 December. and see yahh next year !!
goodbye and farewell 2010 ! im gonna miss you ! :(
and im gonna take this time to wish you all A...


-Que Dani-

(the blogger)

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