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Thursday, February 3, 2011

HCNY pt. 2


well. hah, nampak entry utk post kali ini, yup, kita sambung itu cerita semalam.
haha, well, i think, nm la todaay, but its better la then yesterdaaay.
better pon ari ni dpt itu ANGPOWW. manyakmanyak best haha.

okay, for god sake. skrg mmg sakit gilaa perot, makan macam2 and u will
be end like me, perut manyak masok angin. haha, and the answer of this sick,
ofcourse la buang angin. ayoooo. haha, tp tak tebuang dari tadi, sakit
gilaa perot ni..

haha, and i just have my dinner already, ive got siakap sweet sour,
itu vege, vege, and vege, and actually its a big SIAKAP.
bhahaha, kenyang gilaaaaa, serious sedap, and seriously HALAL laaa
Oo. i forget to tell you about my breakfast, owh, ive eat
char kue teow, bhahaha. manyal ori itu char kue teow,
made by pure chinese, amma masak totally sedaaaaaaaaaaappppppp!

and......... owh, petang tadi busan gila, kaklong bawak pegi Lumut,
wow, mmg pack gilaa la jln td, nasib belom lepas teluk batik, 
kalau tak mmg pack macam sardinesss. haha and malam ni,
ada plan nak gi funfair, but, mcm jd x jd je, soooo, ive wait for the answer laa,

hah, actually tade idea sgt la malam ni, thats why la post macam,,,
haha, mabe effect manyak makan itu limau mandarin kott,
oklaaa, ni je kott, apa2 perkembangan esok ok!
chiou sink louqe. and very


sincerly. Que Dani
(the blogger)

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