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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

to my speacial reader. IMY



wow! after a decade tak update blog. for sure mmg byk yg tersimpan.
tapi takpe. lain kali la story2. hmm. so, how are you my percious reader?
totally, i  really miss for blogging, and today, im gonna tell ya how my first EX+
for celebrating


okay, today is my first day in Setiawan, Perak at my cousin->husband->mom house.
haha, get it? Xtually her husband is muallaf. so, why not to try a new first EX+ .
were like one MALAYSIA right? so why not give a try, for this first day,
hmmm. like naaaaa~ nothing speacial, but otherwise, im tottaly a weirdo, like im only
the malay boy on the house, becouse why? my cousin is kind a look alike chinese, although a
pure malay. haha. totally a weirdo for me. and i just have my ' makan besar '.
and guest what? its so F delicious. of couse la no ( oo ) . haha, faham2 je laaaa.

and i just had chili prawn. Xtually a big prawn. and also ikan siakap mabe, and
rendang ayam, it was totaally delicious :p i come here for hope to get
many ANG POW as i can. haha. and, i think thats all for today, gtg,
makan besar for the second round. banyak gilaa diaorg makan, haha
  and this is the first report for this entry. see yaa tomorrow !

and a very


sincerly, QUE DANI
(the blogger)

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